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The Social and Political Review


The Social and Political Review is an academic journal dedicated to publishing the best original research in the fields of sociology and political science by undergraduates at Trinity College Dublin

From Trinity College Dublin to afar 

The Social and Political Review is edited and published by undergraduate students of Trinity College Dublin.

Numerous libraries, including those at the universities of Dublin, Oxford and Cambridge, the British Library, the National Library of Wales, and the National Library of Ireland hold copies of each edition. 

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After 33 years of publishing, each volume of the Social and Political Review continues to showcase the outstanding caliber of academic achievement in Trinity College Dublin. Students seeking examples of exceptional writing and research in the social and political sciences regularly refer to past editions. Whilst the journal provides a large spectrum of articles, all essays have the same specific aim of promoting more meaningful and involved engagement among young people with the pressing social and political challenges of our time.

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