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Board Applications for the 34th Volume are now open!

Apply here - deadline August 31st

Applications for the SPR Board are now open! Apply for General Manager, Design Editor, Public Relations and Events Manager, Deputy/Assistant Editor, and Copy Editor below. Applications should be submitted here.


If you have any questions, please contact Evan Carron-Kee, Editor-in-Chief, at


Production Team

The primary role of the production team is to ensure that the journal is published, promoted, and the work of the published authors is celebrated. A role on the production team will appeal to anyone with skills and experience in teamwork and organisation. The Design Editor position will appeal to students with a passion for graphic design and entails complete freedom to set the visual identity of the journal.


General Manager: The General Manager will oversee the production of the journal. They will manage the journal’s finances, organise the printing of the journal, and will organise procurement for journal events. Experience dealing with society or company finances is preferred, but not necessary.


Design Editor: The Design Editor will design the cover and lay out articles for the print edition of the journal. They will also design posters and social media posts for the journal. Candidates with experience in graphic design will be preferred. Experience with Adobe InDesign and/or Photoshop is also preferred, but not necessary.


Public Relations and Events Manager: The Public Relations and Events Manager will be responsible for promoting the call for submissions and journal events through social media and email, and will organise the launch event in March/April 2024. Experience with social media management and event management is preferred but not necessary.


Editorial Team:

A role on the editorial team will appeal to any students who enjoy reading and thinking critically about sociology or political science. The role requires you to be present at meetings in Michaelmas term and help with tasks on the committee, but the main work starst in February, when the Editorial Team meets to review all the submissions made to the journal. Over two to three weeks, the team will decide which articles to publish, and send suggestions for edits to the authors. Once the authors complete their edits, the Copy Editor will work alongside the Deputy Editor and Editor-in-Chief to copy edit each article before it is put in print.


Deputy and Assistant Editors: The Deputy Editor and Assistant Editors will work alongside the Editor-in-Chief to review and edit all submissions made to the Journal in early Hilary Term. Two Assistant Editors will be chosen from the pool of applicants to the Deputy Editor position.


Copy Editor: The Copy Editor will read the chosen submissions and the forewords, and correct any grammar, spelling, and referencing mistakes. They will also work with the Public Relations and Events Manager to publish articles on the SPR website.

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