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It is hugely important to reflect on the world around us. Platforming and incentivising social and political research and engagement is absolutely crucial. In the past year India and Pakistan have been devastated by climate-change induced drought, thousands have been killed in Ukraine, and the rights of women and LGBTQ+ people have been seriously eroded in the US and around the world. This publication will not solve the world’s problems, but it can start thoughts and conversations which go towards improving the ways in which we interact, support, and respect each other. 


The essays in this volume discuss a diverse range of topics. There is new research on the factors driving expat voter turnout (p YY), and an exploratory investigation into the role of personality traits in educational inequality (p HH). There are theoretically engaged analyses of the complexity of modern portrayals of Irish masculinity (p XX), and of the co-optation of Irish student unions (pVV). There is a new theoretical understanding of the relationship between colonialism and ethnic conflict developed (p BB), and there is an examination of the place of NGOs in post-development practices (p HH).  


A massive thank you is owed to the whole team involved in this volume. Evan, Siobhán and Abby are three of the most amazing and competent people I have ever had the privilege to work with, and without them this publication would never have taken shape. The whole editorial board gave generously of their time and expertise, and their effort is evident in the quality of the articles in this volume. I would also like to thank TASC, the Departments of Sociology and Political Science in Trinity, and Grehan’s printers. Finally, I would like to congratulate and thank everyone who submitted work for consideration in this year’s volume. The standard and variety of undergraduate research was highly impressive and encouraging. I would encourage you all to consider making a submission again next year or getting involved with the editorial board. 


Welcome to Volume XXXIII of Trinity College Social and Political Review. It is testament to the effort and perseverance of generations of students that the roman numerals marking each volume are becoming unwieldy. It has been a privilege to carry on this publication, and I hope that you as reader will be left thinking, engaged and curious. 


Le gach dea-ghuí, 

Muireann Carton 

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