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About the Social & Political Review

Founded in 1990, the Social and Political Review was established to offer a platform to Trinity's best students in the disciplines of sociology and political science to publish their work. 


The mission of the SPR is to foster social and political discourse and discussion within the hallowed walls of Trinity College. The Review acts as a platform for students of Trinity College to discuss and analyse the most pressing social and political issues of their time. Each volume showcases the outstanding calibre of academic achievement at Trinity College.


Numerous libraries, including those at the universities of Dublin, Oxford and Cambridge, the British Library and the national libraries of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, hold copies of each volume. Past editions are regularly referred to by students seeking examples of exceptional writing and research in the social and political sciences. The content of each journal spans a wide range of areas, including Irish politics, international affairs, Europe, social issues, and political theory. Copies of the SPR are also distributed to our alumni, particularly former editors, as well as our sponsors and guests at events held throughout the year. Through such channels, the Social and Political Review is read and enjoyed not only by future leading lights in Irish society and politics but also by current distinguished figures whose support we continue to enjoy.


Each year, a new Editorial Board is selected to run the Review – managing all aspects including selecting and editing articles for publication, managing sponsorship and finances, designing the journal, and launching the publication. The Board is comprised of both postgraduate and undergraduate students who are dedicated to research in the fields of political science and sociology.


The Social and Political Review is also notable for the events it hosts each year. Every spring, the Review hosts its annual launch with an array of guest speakers. Recent speakers of the Review include Lord Mayor of Dublin, Alison Gilliland, Political Scientist Professor Cas Mudde, Senators Lynn Ruane and David Norris, Taiwanese Ambassador Harry Tseng, former Senator Averil Power, former Tánaiste Dick Spring, Professor Francis Ruane of the Economic and Social Research Institute, and Professor Emeritus Stephen Mennell of University College Dublin. Each guest offers a powerful and compelling speech on the social and political landscapes of our time. It has been an honour to hear their powerful words year on year. In addition to the annual launch event, the SPR hosts a myriad of other events each year including panel discussions, co-hosting debates with Trinity’s debating societies, workshops for student writers, and hosting international guests including recently Hon. Jane Harman, CEO and President of the Wilson Centre in Washington D.C. and former member of Congress.


In celebrating its history, it is important to note that the SPR would be nothing without the support and assistance offered by the Department of Political Science and Department of Sociology at Trinity College Dublin. Their unwavering enthusiasm and support of the Social and Political Review have ensured its continued success. Every subsequent Editorial Board has been eternally grateful for this support.

The Social and Political review has been a highlight in the life of many students that have passed through the gates of Trinity. Whether they submit to the Review for publication or hold a position on its Editorial Board, the SPR has been a forming part of many student's lives - as it will continue to be for many years to come. 

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